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Ooh Er Matron draws upon 5 decades of industry experience to provide Men with only the highest quality men’s underwear, at Market prices. Our range includes a wide array of products, with varying focus; ranging from an emphasis on comfort, to being centred on the ideal aesthetic. Whatever our customers’ needs, our aim has always been to satisfy your requirements.
Many different breeds of boxer shorts, Y-fronts, cotton vests, nightshirts and pyjamas, dressing gowns and Onesie’s, thermals and even accessories adorn our shelves. And with our easy-to-use online shopping system, it’s fantastically simple and straightforward to browse our selection, and choose the perfect option for you. There is a rewards scheme and discount plan we offer to carers and customers buying for somebody else, so that each individual purchase is beneficial. Earn points and visit our special offers page.
Buying the correct underwear is an important personal decision, and we take that very seriously. When shopping with us is so uncomplicated, and our products are so necessary on a daily basis, you can forget looking anywhere else. Ooh Er Matron is the number one name in value men’s underwear.

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